About The Qing

Experience the flavours and culture of ancient China at The Qing! 

The Qing is more than a restaurant—it’s an experience. Enjoy traditional Chinese dishes prepared with a modern twist, plus a vibrant atmosphere that captures the essence of ancient Chinese culture.

Our Story

The Qing is more than just a heritage restaurant – it is a unique experience, inspired by the sights and tastes of Chengdu. Founded by WK Chan, who had a vision to bring the flavours of China to his hometown, The Qing serves up traditional Chinese dishes with a modern twist. Enjoy authentic flavour in a chic space.

Our founder had a vision to disrupt the traditional atmosphere of Chinese restaurants and create an unforgettable experience with exquisite flavours. He combined elements of dynamic proportions to produce a magnificent dining experience that every individual in Malaysia may take advantage of when they dine at The Qing restaurant. Ultimately, the founder’s vision of blending the aesthetic interior design of Japanese restaurants with ancient China’s Qing dynasty came to life with The Qing.

The Qing restaurant gets its name from the Qing dynasty, which happens to be the longest dynasty in the history of ancient China. As the Qing dynasty takes pride in the dishes that are served to the emperor, so does the Qing with their customers. With this inspiration in mind, this is how the founder of The Qing has based his restaurant along with the dishes served and the design of the restaurant as it is meant to showcase a high status.


Our Chefs

Head Chef 

Our Chef is well versed in the art and creation of dim sum, which is the restaurant’s signature dish. The chef has more than 20 years of experience in handling dim sum and working at halal restaurants during his time.

Our Chef believes in creating moments that will last for a long time with the customers at the Qing, so it is important for him to create banquet dishes that are exquisite, delicious and most of all, memorable.

Creative Plating Chef

As we are mostly individuals who are drawn to visual stimuli, food plating that is excellent will certainly make consumers more interested in their food. This is where Creative Plating Chef comes in, as he is the expert on everything concerning food plating.


Great Beauty and Opulence in Design

The Qing Dynasty was a time of great beauty and opulence in China. During this time, many  beautiful and ornate palaces and temples were built.

The restaurant’s exterior is modelled after the entrance of the Forbidden City, with grand red columns and a large golden door. 

The interior of the restaurant is just as opulent, with delicate Chinese furnishings and artwork. The restaurant’s design is a tribute to the beauty of the Qing Dynasty. Every inch of the Qing was carefully considered and precise to detail to offer a magnificent and grand experience for every individual that walks through our doors. 

Various Designs That Ancient China Inspires

floor 1

The Ground Floor

focuses on an Oriental Hong Kong design with metal carvings and vibrant flowers.

floor 2

The First Floor

takes more inspiration from the designs of ancient China and ancient Taos, with the implementation of bonsai plants to signify serenity and the signature colour of yellow to signify royalty.


floor 3 1

The Premium Dining Spaces

are catered mostly for small families or groups of friends as it is meant for intimate gatherings among loved ones.


Experience The Contemporary Modern Chinese Cuisine!